Make membership your foundation for good.

Membership is at the core of your community. It’s a recognition of your relationships, your commitment to people, and of revenue stability for your mission. Let’s make it predictable again. 

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Meet your members where they are.

Reflect your flexibility

The needs of your community drives the need for a flexible membership structure. Offer promotional pricing, integrated financial assistance programs, and flexible household packages.

Always be open

It starts with your virtual location. Whether it’s prospective members looking for more information or gearing up to join, you need to be ready to respond.

Make members feel known

Customers expect to be known and remembered. They want to introduce themselves once, and be recognized every time. Your data should enhance these relationships.

Your membership lifecycle, at the heart.

Your members have high expectations. Exceed them at every turn from signup, to program delivery, self service, and beyond, for a truly loyal community. 

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Bring new members to your door.

Nurture potential members with structured sales processes, timely promotional campaigns, and the flexibility to let members join online anytime, from anywhere. 

New member webforms & automated communication

Membership sales process with integrated tours

Flexible membership models for any household

One time or multi-use passes 

Automatic promotional and discount pricing 

Join any day of the month with prorated fees 

Online sign up with contracts and e-signature

Target new, existing, previous or even non members

Track partnerships & 3rd party memberships offerings 


Nurture relationships that last. 

Keep your members engaged with seamless services and experiences delivered through your facilities and programs. Make every interaction with your front desk and support teams consistent.

Automate onboarding journeys

Assign tasks and timelines to multiple people or teams

Use paperless contracts and waivers

Escalate requests with automated approval processes

Monitor member termination risk with Churn Analysis 

Create campaigns to re-engage at-risk members

Enter member data once, then let every team use it 

Implement targeted member communications 

Track and manage member support requests


Pamper with premium experiences.

Exceed expectations with effortless delight every time members are on site or in your community. Help them experience the value of connection in every interaction.

Mobile app for onsite interactions & virtual content

Input info once and all staff can access it

Simple membership scan-in and flexible facility access

Self serve punch passes and child care check-in apps

Access controls for facilities, discounts & virtual content

Seamless financial assistance for seamless equality

Early registration benefits

Unified in-person and virtual services

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Redefine your community impact.

We wanted to provide a great member experience, but also push the growth of the community center in programming, resources and members served.
Adrian Breitfeld
Chief Financial Officer, San Francisco JCC

membership billing

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Some of the biggest benefits we are seeing are members being able to control their accounts online, and in turn self service registrations have increased.
Emily Glading
Sr Director for Information Systems, Delaware YMCA
new members

registered online over the weekend

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We’re able to project our numbers for next year to be higher than they’ve ever been at this association. Our team utilizing a great tool with Traction Rec has really been the key to our success.
Jeremy Long
VP of Membership, YMCA of Memphis and the Mid-South

conversion rate


every 60 days set as goal

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Technology that connects.

Connect with any integration you need. Make it easy to focus on your members, not your processes.

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Digital Experience


On-demand and livestream fitness, and wellness classes



Mobile app for managing gym schedules and workouts.



Building entry and surveillance systems.

The relationships we build are built to last.