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    All data flows to Salesforce, bringing your staff and leadership closer to your constituents.

  • Effortless Constituent Experience: Your constituents can manage their family's programs at their convenience. There's no need for them to call or stop by the front desk; they can register themselves or a family member for programs on any device. Send them contracts and waivers through digital e-signature to save them from clutter.

    Complete Constituent View: Empower your instructors to manage their class lists, assigning students to classes and allowing them to view class lists and schedules at-a-glance. They can record attendance in-class and log individual assessments for participants once class is over; all with access to that data anytime, anywhere in the facility.

    Unified Data and Analytics: Generate meaningful insights through powerful reports and dashboards. With Traction Rec, you can better understand program performance to make the right decisions about your program catalogue. Leverage best-in-class tools to analyze revenue, enrollment and capacity for every program.

  • Effortless Constituent Experience: With Traction Rec, your constituents have the power to manage their memberships from any device. Whether they want to purchase or manage family memberships at the desk, over the phone, or online, the experience is personalized to their preferences.

    Complete Constituent View: Help your staff provide consistent member experiences. They can schedule and execute facility tours for prospective members, recording data on-the-go so the next engagement picks up right where the last staff member left off, providing cross department collaboration and a member first operation.

    Unified Data and Analytics: Drive better engagement with members by understanding engagement through analytics. Visualize and track trends in member engagement through reports and dashboards that drill into member retention. Understanding your community allows you to be proactive in keeping members engaged.

  • Effortless Constituent Experience: Provide constituents with a consistent and simplified experience when booking facilities, whether they are at home on a tablet or are on the phone with the front desk. Streamline the booking process with paperless contracts and waivers.

    Complete Constituent View: Ensure your frontline staff have the data they need to manage facilities smoothly. Prevent double bookings of a facility to ensure fair access for everyone. Traction Rec allows staff to consistently schedule the right facility at the right time for the right function.

    Unified Data and Analytics: Truly understand how you're using your space. Which rooms drive the most revenue? Where are you generating the most opportunities? Answer these questions through reporting and find out how you can maximize the value of your square footage.

  • Effortless Constituent Experience: Your members are an integral part of your community. Provide them the flexibility to pay for any product or service with any tender type. If a child or family member needs to purchase a swim cap or a snack, demonstrate that you know who they are by posting charges to their household account.

    Complete Constituent View: Staff have all the data and tools they need to sell products (from sweatshirts to goggles) and provide a great experience. They can view transaction history and recognize which household account a member is attached to. Traction Rec's best-in-class payment processor allows them to take any payment type.

    Unified Data and Analytics: The simple touchscreen interface of our payment processor makes high-volume transactions easy to manage. Find out which products, POS terminals or categories are selling best with intuitive dashboards and customizable reporting.


  • Effortless Constituent Experience: Members are accustomed to asking about their account balance at the front desk or by phone. Cut out the middleman and empower them with self-service access to all the information they need to manage their account. They can view upcoming monthly payments and account balance on any device.

    Complete Constituent View: Traction Rec enables your staff with the visibility they need into accounts and account statements. Staff can look into upcoming payments for an account on a month-by-month basis and provide frontline services for members like refunds and gift card management.

    Unified Data and Analytics: Keep all of your financial data connected by integrating Traction Rec with your back-end financial system. You can run all of your monthly billing processes within the system and analyze the financial metrics that matter the most with reports and dashboards.

  • Effortless Constituent Experience: Whether your constituents are interacting with you at the desk or on their phone, tablet or desktop, they enjoy the same personalized experience. With the Traction Rec online community, your members have self-service, mobile access to everything from program enrollment to transaction summaries.

    Complete Constituent View: Imagine a prospective member comes into your community center. When they sign in, their data enters your system. A staff member is notified by phone and has immediate access to who that individual is and what they are interested in. In a matter of moments, they can act, offering that individual a personalized tour.

    Unified Data and Analytics: Traction Rec and Salesforce are all about knowing your constituents. How many members and donors do you have? Do you know their names and histories? Would you feel confident bumping into any of your donors at an event? Salesforce Mobile removes the guesswork, providing the data you need when you need it.

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