Help donors put their money where their heart is.

Fundraising is about knowing people and identifying who is ready to help financially support your organization's impact. Use systems that make it easy to know who to ask for donations, when to ask, and what to ask for.

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Do outreach right. Impact the most lives.

Donor and member data together, at last

Stop relying on siloed data. Bring everything into a unified view to better understand your supporters and see their interactions and relationships with your organization.

Reach your fundraising potential

Fundraising is competitive. Whether it’s digital giving, opportunistic donation add-ons, or cultivating major gifts, be ready to capture it all.

Modernize your philanthropy  

Don’t work in the dark. Use technology to know who is ready to give and when to reach out so you can diversify your donors and meet fundraising goals.

Donors are people with passions and preferences.

Every donor is complex and their motivations evolve. Stay on top of fundraising objectives with technology that helps you find new donors and support the ones you already have.

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Know your donors better than ever.

Make better fundraising decisions from a connected database. Understand your donors from every interaction and relationship across your organization.  

360 degree view of all members and donors

Connect donors to programs and services of interest

Filters for major donors, corporate sponsors, and more

Donation history view alongside memberships & registrations

Donor request tracking to maximize trust

Connected database for accurate reporting


Diversify your fundraising streams.

Don’t feel limited to relying exclusively on previous donors. Find and reach out to new ones who may be long-term members or program participants and ready to pay it forward.

Opportunity lists for potential new donors

Holistic donor view to understand giving capacity

Donor lifecycle analysis to learn what inspires action

Centralized records for accurate mailing addresses 


Technology that supports you.

Get critical visibility into your members and potential donors. Know who might be primed to donate and make it a seamless experience for them to do so. 

Revenue tracking and attribution to programs

Donor relationships & affiliations at a glance

Detailed reporting for donor acknowledgement

Easy to connect add-on tools like wealth screening

Fundraising campaigns and ROI measurement

Task automation for managing gift cultivation

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Start rewriting your impact story.

Our fundraising management process, alone, used to take up to 30 days to complete, and now it takes about 1 hour.
Emily Glading
Sr Director for Information Systems, Delaware YMCA

fundraising management

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We wanted to push the growth of the community center in programming, resources and members served.
Adrian Breitfeld
Chief Financial Officer, San Francisco JCC
4 Hrs
for billing

not 4 days

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We make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.
Gerald MacKillop, Jr.
SVP of Operations, North Shore YMCA

in first 6 months

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Technology that connects.

Connect with any integration you need. Make it easy to focus on your members, not your processes.

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Soapbox Engage

Fundraising and payments solutions.



World-class online fundraising software for nonprofits.


Wealth Engine

Prospect research and donor wealth screening.

Connect deeply with members ready to give back.