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Come empower healthy communities with us.

We don’t look for ‘tech’ people. We look for people who want to help us amplify the amazing work that nonprofit community centers do.

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We’re known for putting people first.

We care about our people, wider community, and planet. Commitment to our values allows us to improve the way organizations do business.

Our Story


We are stronger together. Community is at the heart of everything we do, measuring our intentions and actions by how well we show up for each other and our customers.


We are confident to be our true selves. We embrace, celebrate, and hold space for each other’s lived experiences. Our relationships are genuine because our team is genuine.


We amplify positive change in both the lives of people in our communities and our customers’ communities. Impact is the reason we show up everyday.


Fun is the connective tissue that builds strength and connection between our teammates, our customers, and our community. The smiles, laughs, and giggles we share with each other drives our determination towards a clear and focused purpose.


Growth creates opportunities. We use growth to invest in our people, our product, and our customers. Growth is a responsibility.

We have fun and don't just talk about work, we check in on how everyone’s doing in their personal life and what they do outside of work. That's the contagious energy.

Matt SymesTraction Rec

Matt Symes

Sr. Customer Success Advocate, Traction Rec
Traction Rec

How we support our community.

We believe business is more than just a vehicle for making money. Experience a vibrant personal and professional journey with Traction Rec. 

Inclusive hiring

We offer a safe space of empathetic and dialogue-driven conversations to exchange ideas, thoughts and experiences. Our diversity makes us more creative, innovative, and successful in every way. 

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Focus on fun

We live and breathe a culture of collaboration, fun, and giving—from top to bottom. We love to explore and play, share what makes us happy, and have fun.

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Giving back

As part of our core values, everyone at Traction Rec has the opportunity to give back to their communities. Because doing good is good for your community. And good for your soul.

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Interview Process

What to expect so you’re prepared.

1. Apply

Apply for a job that looks inspiring to you.

2. Break the ice

Speak with a member of our People team to start building the connection.

3. Interview in-house

Have a chat with the hiring manager about your experience and goals.

4. Show and tell

Complete a sample assignment to show off your skills.

5. Meet the team

Ask any questions, and get to know the people you’ll be working with.

6. Welcome party

If selected, receive an offer to join our community. Bring your party hat!


Begin a journey to fulfill your social heart.