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Boys & Girls Clubs of America deploys a Universal CRM in 9 months


Boys & Girls Clubs of America


4,700 site locations

Individuals Served:

1.7 million


Helping build more relationships and focus on mission

Most people have heard of Boys & Girls Clubs of America and are well aware of the immeasurable impact they have — enabling millions of young people of all ages and backgrounds to achieve a great future. However, what’s lesser known is the huge amount of manual, laborious tasks required to operate nearly 4,700 Club locations across the country.

In March 2021, Boys & Girls Clubs of America announced their partnership with Traction Rec and Salesforce to develop MyClubHub, a Universal CRM solution served to unify Club locations. The purpose was to streamline operations and transform the organization’s Club management system, alleviating administrative pain points to allow more time spent with kids, families and communities.

Having doubled the speed of its CRM deployment to support 1.7 million members, Boys & Girls Clubs of America is setting the stage for other national organizations to follow.

We feel confident that as we grow as an organization, MyClubHub will grow with us because [Traction Rec] already knows what our needs are.

Jacky Noden

Jacky Noden

National VP

Rethinking operations on a national scale

Boys & Girls Clubs of America operates under a federated model, meaning each of their Clubs operate as an independent 501c3. This resulted in a variety of operational tools, solutions, platforms and systems for program applications, payments and often using paper applications. It was evident that many Clubs across the country were experiencing similar challenges, and that a universal solution was needed to reduce workloads.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America is dedicated to doing “whatever it takes to create great futures", and their commitment to scale operations on a national level with a universal system was an important step to better serve members.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Learn how Boys and Girls Clubs America uses technology to overcome barriers in the pandemic, build resilience, and ultimately strengthen relationships for future-readiness.

MyClubHub: A solution by Clubs for Clubs

By establishing a universal CRM, every one of the 800 Clubs would be enabled to better serve their local communities. Such a technology platform would not have otherwise been attainable or affordable to implement for Clubs that independently manage their technology solutions. Implementing and onboarding all Boy & Girls Clubs together as a cohort enables the entire Boys & Girls Clubs of America network to be better, together.

Re-defining the customer timeline: Go-live in 9 months, onboard in 90 days

In the first 9 months, Boys & Girls Clubs of America has deployed their Universal CRM solution to 350 Club locations with more than 2500 users. New Clubs are onboarded in less than 90 days. On average, 5 Clubs are onboarded per week, with an expected total of 195 Clubs to be on-boarded by the end of 2022. The exceptional time to value allows Clubs to focus on what they do best, supporting youth and building great futures for 1.7 million members. MyClubHub features:

  • Nation-wide membership management
  • Streamlined program enrolment and execution
  • Donor, relationship and fundraising management
  • Financial support, including program payments and payment plans
  • Real-time reporting and analytics at both the local and national level, with improved access and security

It is clear that Salesforce and Traction Rec are invested in the success of this project and are true partners and collaborators.

Jacky Noden

Jacky Noden

National VP

Taking ownership of technology in their unique way

Built on the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and powered by Traction Rec, MyClubHub has provided Boys & Girls Clubs of America with an unmatched opportunity to provide Clubs with an application designed specifically for their needs, without sacrificing the opportunity for customization at a local Club level.

“It just makes sense to use a program that is formulated specifically for Boys & Girls Clubs. Other programs will not be able to tailor the experience to us in the same way,” adds one of the Club users.

It was clear that utilizing an established and best-in-class solution would offer more benefits, long-term security, functionality and continued support, than creating their own software solution ever could. Building a universal CRM with Traction Rec was more cost effective than a custom solution, and the process from creation to completion would be exceptionally faster. “We feel confident that as we grow as an organization, MyClubHub will grow with us because [Traction Rec] already knows what our needs are.”

Title image source: www.bgca.org

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