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Evelyn Rubenstein JCC automates camp registrations for better customer service




1 Campus, 2 Preschools

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Improving customer service to a level 10 rating

Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston (ERJCC) was faced with the need to transform a staff driven, time intensive registration process, into a Covid friendly, touchless, and digital experience. Using Traction Rec, they created their own digital "Camp FastPass" solution to not only meet those needs, but to do it in a way that accelerated the customer self service experience, improved member relations and built trust in the JCC’s digital shift.

Evelyn Rubenstein JCC serves the SW Houston, Texas area, the Jewish Community and the community at-large. Its wide-array of year-round programs, activities and special events is supported by remarkable people, dedicated volunteers committed to enriching lives in a safe and welcoming environment.

In years past, we had 20 staff members inputting registrations off of paper forms with their heads down. This year, those staff members were engaged with their heads up. They were answering member questions on the phone, and live online chat.

Joel Dinkin

Joel Dinkin


Shifting gears in a pandemic

The Evelyn Rubenstein JCC (the JCC) hosts a “Summer Camp Kickoff Day” each February in which roughly 80% of their upcoming summer day camp registrations take place and nearly $1 million in program revenue is collected. In past years, the manually intensive process required parents to arrive on site and wait in line to register. In the month leading up to registration day, parents were also required an inconvenient in-person visit to the facility to validate their active membership, ensure there were no outstanding balances, and obtain a signed FastPass by staff.

With no incentive for members to complete this process, many arrived to Camp Kickoff Day without proper validation, resulting in even longer wait times for processing registrations.

Facing the pandemic, they were challenged with creating a seamless online, touchless, digital process to replace a legacy procedure that involved paper forms, intensive manual staff work, face-to-face transactions, and operational inefficiencies.


A trusted and verified process

Using Salesforce functionality and Traction Rec program registration, a Summer J Camp FastPass program registration was created. By leveraging Salesforce Rules, the JCC could ensure registrations would only be completed when all requirements were met (an active membership with an account balance of $100 or less). The newly introduced solution also enabled members self-service access to verify credentials and view the entire registration process.

The second phase of this implementation was to leverage Camp FastPass with an incentive for members to complete it. Summer Camp Kickoff Day was on February 2nd, and members that completed the FastPass by January 18 would be placed in a priority access group, ahead of others that completed it at a later date. With Salesforce rules implemented, registration opened in priority sequence for users. Priority registration text messages and email reminders were deployed to users five minutes before their registration period was to open and become available.

The newly introduced registration process and inclusion of Salesforce rules was implemented with very little technical difficulties or systematic road bumps.

Moving to a digital process enabled the team to provide valuable customer service tasks that were not diluted to data input needs.

Joel Dinkin

Joel Dinkin


Streamlining customer service for a connected experience

Improved and enhanced customer experience: Members expressed that the registration process was smooth and convenient. They very much appreciated not having to stand in line at the JCC and the digital first approach. This positioned the JCC to continue leveraging their digital platform throughout the camp process, directing parents to their portal with the ability to update household information, and campers’ details such as swim abilities, friend requests, allergies and more in their Salesforce records.

Real time data analysis: Real time data was instantly accessible to the CEO, camp directors and staff. Previously this information was unattainable.

Utilization of Salesforce automation: Staff members had more time to focus on customer engagement and service, answering questions over the phone or via online chat rather than processing paperwork.

The solution was scaled: Expanding the use of the enrollment group field, the JCC was able, for the very first time, to allow for online registration for preschool. Preschool admin were able to prescreen children for entry into the school, and upon acceptance by admin, they were assigned an enrollment group number.  Thereafter the family was informed they could register online and only those in that preassigned enrollment group could register online.

It's in the numbers
  • 100% user adoption. All Summer J Camp FastPass registrations were processed online instead of paper form.
  • 95% of transactions were processed on Registration Day.
  • Customer service increased from a level 3 rating to a level 10 on Registration Day, which was enabled by the automation process.
  • By establishing pre-qualifying requisites, 100% of applicants were successfully registered on Registration Day.
  • Zero cost associated to implementing the customized rules in Salesforce.

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