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Bringing community back with home workouts




1 Campus, 1 Overnight Camp

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Making favorite fitness programs available. Anytime, anywhere.

After supporting the greater Cleveland community with on-premise programming for more than seventy years, the Mandel Jewish Community Center of Cleveland (JCC) has turned to the Salesforce platform to keep members engaged with their mission as they adapt to COVID-19 restrictions. They recently partnered with Traction Rec and the new Traction Gather solution to deliver members their favorite fitness programs, available anytime, anywhere.

We can now add value to our membership by offering virtual live programming as well as an extensive library of pre-recorded sessions with the instructors that our members know and love.

Jill Davidson

Jill Davidson


From on-premise to online

When the Mandel JCC was forced to close their building with very little warning, they moved what offerings they could to Facebook. Members and non-members alike had access to spin classes, aerobics and other group fitness activities. Yet, the Mandel JCC wanted to offer members an exclusive, long-term online service that would add value to their memberships and, most importantly, allow them to stay connected to the instructors they enjoy.


Traction Gather and the virtual fitness center

Built on Salesforce’s Community Cloud, Traction Gather functions as a fully branded engagement hub, where Mandel JCC members login and access live or pre-recorded fitness sessions.

Members are able to interact with group fitness offerings in a way that is tailored to their preferences. They can attend scheduled live sessions or find their favourite instructors within the Mandel JCC’s catalogue of pre-recorded sessions.

We are thrilled with the product we can now offer our members.

Jill Davidson

Jill Davidson


Building a resilient, engaged community

Within the first two weeks of launching the community, member engagement significantly increased with over 200 members watching live classes and 800 viewings of recorded content. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with members feeling more connected and engaged than ever.

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The Mandel JCC’s new platform goes beyond the online delivery of fitness sessions:

For the Mandel JCC team, the interaction data provides a better understanding of their constituents and how they engage with programming. For major donors, such as the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, it demonstrates investment in making their community resilient and sustainable. For members, improved engagement encourages them to support the Mandel JCC and their mission through fundraising efforts.

Looking ahead, the Mandel JCC’s journey with Traction Gather is just getting started. They envision the solution expanding to include their cultural and book festivals, while offering remote access to programming for members who often travel outside of Cleveland.

Strong relationships is our thing. Let’s partner for impact.