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At the heart of Traction Rec's mission lies a dedication to supporting community-focused organizations. And what better way to uphold this mission than by fostering connections with like-minded individuals at this year's User Conferences.

Our goal has always been to unite YMCA and JCC professionals not just under one roof, but around a shared vision of community support and innovation. These annual conferences serve as more than just platforms for knowledge exchange; they're avenues for celebrating the outstanding work of our community partners and shaping the collective future of community centers nationwide.

From sharing inspiring success stories to delving into the latest management tools, our customer user conferences offered tangible takeaways and learnings for everyone invested in the wellness and growth of their community. Everyone came ready, eager and open-minded, all set to grab the chance to learn from one another, grow together, and spark some fresh ideas and connections.

Reflecting on the success of the JCC User Conference

The JCC User Conference 2024 basked under the sunny skies of Scottsdale, Arizona, from February 26th to 28th, attracting over 80 participants from over 25 organizations across the nation. Hosted by the Valley of the Sun JCC, and in its second-year, the event proved to be a remarkable gathering for JCCs, offering a platform to exchange insights, share best practices, and discover innovative strategies. Above all, witnessing everyone come together in person amidst the warm and inviting atmosphere was truly heartwarming – both figuratively and literally!

The energy throughout those three days was absolutely electric, filled with keynote talks from our leadership team and interactive breakout sessions led by our product and engagement teams. We delved deep into the various challenges and opportunities facing JCCs, with the aim of providing valuable insights for both our administrators and leadership teams.

We were thrilled to offer a sneak peek of the latest updates and upcoming product features from Traction Rec, alongside discussions focused on the importance of forward-thinking for leadership teams, showcasing strategies to make informed decisions, propel organizations forward, and tackle challenges head-on. Sessions such as “Navigating Tomorrow: What’s Next for Traction Rec” and “Leveraging the System for Top-Notch Strategy: Insights for CEOs & COOs” offered practical advice on implementing strategic planning to enhance leadership skills and organizational tactics.

To add, we also explored all kinds of ways to leverage technology, with sessions on “Benchmarks for Success with Reporting and Dashboards,” “Exploring Packaged Flows and Automations,” and “Boosting Productivity with Integrations,” aimed to deepen understanding of how to maximize system benefits to enhance efficiency and productivity.

The JCCs truly shone as the stars of the event!

But what truly stole the spotlight? The incredible attendees, of course! The conference truly came alive during each day's "Empower Hour," where attendees took charge of the agenda and selected their own discussion topics, focusing on what mattered most to their organization's goals and what they were eager to explore.

Some of the event's standout moments included JCC Greater Boston demonstrating their innovative customizable pricing models, Baltimore JCC unveiling their sleek new member registration process featuring a real-time program pricing calculator, and the collaboration between JCC of Greater Pittsburgh and Upace on a joint app development project aimed at enhancing community engagement and enriching programming. And let's not forget the community 'show and tell,' in which a few JCCs took center stage to showcase how they have elevated their technology to the next level, presenting unique customizations tailored to their processes and communities. Here's what Rachel Salba, Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta had to share:

The JCC User conference was the perfect blend of education and collaboration, truly exemplifying the power of collective knowledge. I returned to Atlanta armed with fresh perspectives and actionable strategies to unlock the full potential of Traction Rec and Salesforce.

Sprinkled in those three amazing days, there were countless moments of laughter, relaxation, and soaking up the vibrant atmosphere. The live music evening was a crowd-pleaser, and the snack bar went above and beyond anyone’s expectations (seriously!). Attendees had the opportunity to explore the facility, unwind on the JCC's pool deck, and experience the local entertainment scene. It was incredibly fulfilling to witness everyone enjoying the sunshine, sporting big smiles, feeling renewed and invigorated, and eager to bring their newfound ideas back home to share with colleagues and communities.

The YMCA User Conference ventures west!

Just two weeks later, the first-ever Traction Rec YMCA User Conference ventured to the west coast, attracting over 100 attendees from 20 associations to Tacoma, Washington. Welcomed by the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties, the event felt nothing short of a vibrant affair, as eager participants gathered to listen, learn, and unite with a shared goal of elevating their roles and enriching the YMCA experience for their members.

Over three dynamic days, we curated a mix of workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities aimed at empowering attendees with the tools and insights to drive change within their associations. Covering diverse topics such as change management, optimizing member engagement through Traction Rec, and our recent collaboration with Y-USA, the discussions resonated with both long-standing customers and newcomers alike.

Some standout moments included sessions spotlighting the complex programming and navigating of third-party billing at the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties, as well as membership onboarding experience enhancements at the YMCA of Denver. These discussions provided attendees with fresh insights and practical strategies to implement in their own organizations.

A platform for collaboration and inspiration

But it wasn't just the content that sparked enthusiasm—it was the participants themselves. Attendees didn't just listen and learn; they actively engaged, questioned, and shared their own personal work experiences and challenges. It was an interactive experience that encouraged discussion and attendees to provide feedback with their own insights. Even we (!) found ourselves inspired by the ideas and perspectives, leading to a deeper understanding of the YMCA community as a whole.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the conference was the sight of seasoned Traction Rec customers stepping into mentorship roles, generously sharing invaluable wisdom and offering support to others, particularly YMCA organizations just beginning their Traction Rec journey. They actively participated in discussions about organizational transformation, growth strategies, and the nuances of these challenges, while also exchanging successful tactics. These interactions acted as a roadmap filled with benchmarks and reassurance, affirming that many had trodden the same path before and that indeed, they were on the right track toward positive change and growth.

There’s so much more we're looking forward to

The YMCA and JCC User Conferences were so much more than just learning; they really brought us all together strengthening our partnerships, commitment to community, and were brimming with teamwork. The biggest of thank you to the many individuals that helped us make these events such a success. This unforgettable experience wouldn't have been possible without the incredible support of our valued customers and partners at Valley of the Sun JCC, YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties, Salesforce, Upace, and Cascadia Solutions.

But it doesn't end here. Our teams at Traction Rec continue to provide the resources, tools, and opportunities for customers to connect with each other, share their knowledge, and celebrate their successes year round. Reflecting on our collective journey, we're filled with so much excitement for the future, where we can continuously inspire and be inspired, driving meaningful change and making a significant impact in the lives and communities we’re here to support.

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