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As a remote-first organization, we've regularly cherished the freedom and flexibility it provides. But we've also come to realize that, from time to time, there's something truly magical about gathering together in person.

We've always recognized the immense value of in-person interactions, and while we embrace various opportunities throughout the year to bring our employees together, there's something undeniably unique about our annual all-company gathering affectionately known as "In Real Life (IRL)."

Rooted in our core values of community, growth, fun, authenticity, and impact, our two-day company gathering is a vibrant reflection of what matters most to us. It brings our incredible team members together from across Canada and the US, with a simple yet profound goal: to gather, give back, have fun, and build connections. This time was all about celebrating not just our shared achievements, but, more importantly, celebrating each other.

A place where work meets smiles

Working side by side in a physical space can be rare for many of us. So while we had teammates travel from far and wide, we created a dedicated "shared office" space at the iconic Brewhall in the heart of Vancouver, BC. Open laptops filled the room alongside friendly smiles and abundant conversation of sheer delight, from first-time in-person meetings to familiar catch-ups. This was true "face time", minus the need for Zoom.

Rolling up our sleeves and raising spirits

With impact as a core value, it only made sense for us to roll up our sleeves and give back to our local communities.  Our volunteer experiences were carefully chosen in collaboration with nonprofits, with a primary focus on food security (partnering with A Loving Spoonful, Quest Food Exchange, Food Stash Foundation), and with a local client, YMCA BC (Nanook YMCA Childcare Centre).

This was our chance to make a tangible impact together in our local communities, not merely through words but through actions. Once filled our 'community' cups, we gathered at a nearby restaurant to share more of and with each other.

An adventure in growth and team building

Our journey continued from the beautiful coast of Vancouver to the majestic mountains of Whistler, showcasing the wonders of the west coast with our colleagues from near and far. We were prepared for some business at the front, party in the back, and our company values woven throughout.

We started the day anchoring on growth, both personal and professional, with a workshop aptly named "The Perfect Cookie." As our company continues to grow, we wanted to focus on the foundations of communication and feedback, knowing that these core skills would help us scale successfully. Our engaging session, guided by remarkable facilitators from STRAAD, opened our eyes to the perfect ingredients in creating your “perfect cookie”, or rather, what the essential tools are in order to communicate clearly with one another to foster both individual and collective growth.

An Epic Amazing Race

Then came the heart-pounding, laughter-filled, puzzle-deciphering fun. And what's a thrilling event without a hint of friendly competition? And maybe even some mystery? Our instruction: be ready for anything, and have your running footwear on standby. It was our very own Amazing Race adventure. We set loose in Whistler with a mission to complete a medley of fun challenges, in costumes and all, adding a delightful twist to the adventure. And we finished in the heart of Whistler surrounded by the beautiful Fall foliage.

Authentically us: A joyous conclusion

We celebrated, we toasted, and we cheered. Our journey took us through education, competition, and relaxation. Each step of this adventure was meticulously planned and executed, all thanks to the brilliant coordination and some serious heavy lifting by a few dedicated folks from our organization. We embraced collaboration, shared stories, raced with enthusiasm, shared hearty laughter, and strengthened our connections. We intentionally made space for each other, enabling everyone to simply be themselves and savor the moments we shared.

Most importantly, our purpose was to strengthen our connection and celebrate each and every one together. Mission accomplished.

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