Top 4 Chrome extensions for Salesforce you shouldn’t live without

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Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM for good reason, it’s a powerhouse platform that can propel an organization’s journey to people, process and product improvement.

Make even the most repetitive tasks easier to concur.

As an administrator, developer or everyday end user, even this agile platform’s multitude of functionality and features can sometimes be extensive to manage. Create objects, update data, navigate to... there are a lot of actions that can be incurred on a regular basis. Here are four of my favorite Chrome extensions that can make even the most repetitive tasks easier to concur.

Salesforce Navigator for Lightning

One of the most useful extensions that helps find objects, apps and settings, from a simple shortcut. Once installed and logged in to your organization, this extension helps navigate to any Salesforce page quickly. Hit the shortcut and start typing the object, app or setting that you need to get to. No more navigation to the App Launcher required to find an object that’s not on your current App. Some clients like to call this extension their Admin Superpower.

Salesforce Inspector

Do you use Data Loader or Reports functions? Of course you do! Do you have all available fields on a record actually on your layout? Of course not! When you need to closely examine some of those uncommonly examined fields, use this extension to view all fields on the record and change as needed. Salesforce Inspector also makes it easier and much faster to export data. Access the extension from any record, type in your query and copy the results.‍

Salesforce Colored Favicons

Sometimes we need to work in different Salesforce environments. Most times we have 3 Chrome windows open, with 5+ tabs to keep all of those records and tabs organized (don’t judge!). Thanks Salesforce Colored Favicons extension, the Salesforce tabs can be color-coded to help differentiate between different organizations. No more scrolling through a bundle of browser tabs just to find the right one.


A useful add on, Linkclump lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time. If you’ve ever needed to open multiple related records for comparison, you’d likely right-click at least dozens of times to open tabs individually. Right-click no more! Hold the shortcut button and select all the links you want open, then watch magic happen.

Special mention goes to...

Special mention goes to Salesforce Show Api Name. If you need run data loads or queries this is for you. This show all the API names on the UI right under to field label. You can be sure you are editing the right field. Simply pin this extension to your tool bar and toggle it on or off as needed.

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