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Dive into the vibrant world of Traction Rec's developers, where we thrive on innovation, collaboration, and immersion in the Salesforce Ecosystem. Here we embody a team of trailblazers committed to pushing boundaries, elevating customer value, and enjoying every moment of our journey.

Welcome to Traction Rec, where we're on a mission to empower the nonprofit community centers we serve through comprehensive CRM solutions. Behind the software that fuels facilities and communities, you'll find our innovative development team continuously introducing fresh ideas and modernized features built on Salesforce to serve customers and propel the nonprofit space.

With a dedicated commitment to reinvesting one-third of our revenue into product innovation and supporting the ongoing growth of our exceptional team, we are actively working to enhance the Traction Rec experience - that means meaningful impact for our customers, members, and each other.

Empowering nonprofits with purpose and innovation

At Traction Rec, our dynamic development team works passionately to advance our product and the Salesforce core platform with purpose and innovation. Working alongside Product and Support Teams, guided by invaluable customer feedback, and with a relentless commitment to delivering high-value solutions daily, we recognize the significant impact technology can have on our customers, and consequently, a greater impact on their communities.

As developers, we always have to be adaptable. Our team consistently takes on the challenge of solving new problems to enhance our customers' experience.
Here is how we're delivering meaningful benefits to our customers:

Enhancing the experience, every 30 days
For swift and repeatable value, our team releases new features and enhancements monthly, ensuring a continuous cycle of improvement. Responsive to user needs, these releases bring reduced risks, enhanced user experiences, contributing to the seamless and evolving nature of our product for both practicality and impact.

Building trust through a collective drive in quality
In our dynamic workspace, collaboration among Developers, QA, and DevOps is central to achieving top-notch quality and impactful deliveries. From feature development to final release, our united effort—supported by robust architecture, and test automation— guarantees rigorous testing for every release, enabling our customers to confidently rely on smooth interactions with their technology.

A customer-centric approach to continuous improvement
Our proactive approach to seeking and incorporating feedback plays a pivotal role in shaping our product. It ensures that our CRM solution consistently adds value, supporting our customers on their journey toward greater impact.

Our developers take pride in building solutions that truly impact our customers and their community members, knowing that their work has the potential to improve lives and solve critical challenges.


"Ongoing collaboration and code reviews with team members not only create an interactive work environment but also help to ensure that we continue to meet our development standards. Each day brings fresh challenges and opportunities!"

Tanuj is an adept product developer who entered the team as a newcomer to Salesforce development, and has been helping to deliver valuable and meaningful contributions to the team's success.


A Day in the Life of a Trailblazing Developer

At Traction Rec, a developer's daily blend of problem-solving and creative tasks focuses on product enhancement. Whether breathing life into a new capability or resolving a tricky bug, each task, regardless of size, presents an opportunity to make a substantial impact for both the team and the product. With Salesforce as our trusted development platform , we adeptly navigate Apex, JavaScript, and Lightning Web Components to deliver impactful solutions.

When you think of development, creativity may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Beyond mere code, our developers are empowered to think big and shape our product with innovative ideas. Our collaborative environment encourages the free exchange of insights, inspiring daily creativity and expanding skill sets. The result is an exceptional product and a team constantly pushing limits to redefine possibilities for our customers.

Here's how our team works together

Pair programming sessions
Every week, developers collaborate on coding sessions to share insights and gain exposure to different areas of the codebase. This practice creates an environment where learning occurs organically, as team members exchange ideas and perspectives.

R&D learning sessions
Bi-weekly learning sessions delve into various tech topics, enhancing team proficiency across the entire tech stack. They promote continuous learning among peers and offer presenters valuable experience in delivering technical training, fostering a culture of shared knowledge.

Spike days
Spike Days provide developers with a dedicated opportunity each month to unleash their creativity and explore projects that pique their curiosity, ranging from new product features to debugging tools, apps, or AI integrations. It's a chance for them to showcase their skills on projects that personally inspire them, while also involving teams across the entire company, allowing everyone to peer into their development process and contribute feedback on their favorite projects.

Mentorship is at the core of our support system, that can extend from guidance on debugging complex issues to nurturing long-term career growth for newer developers. Through regular one-on-one coding sessions with team leads, mentorship always remains within reach, fostering the professional and personal growth of new and junior developers alike.


"One of my most proud spike day experiences involved developing a new feature enabling customers to check in clients by scanning their membership cards through a mobile app. From a preliminary concept, I successfully saw the feature through from idea to tangible production, ultimately delivering it to our customers.”

Daniel, having joined Traction Rec as a Junior Product Developer less than a year ago, is already making a significant impact by infusing our team with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.


Building a vibrant community at Traction Rec filled with fun and meaningful work

At Traction Rec, we're building more than just innovative solutions; we're building a vibrant and connected community. Our commitment extends beyond exceptional work to cultivate a culture rooted in our core values of community, authenticity, impact, fun, and growth. These values shape every aspect of our environment, from meaningful work to strong relationships.

As a remote-first team, our journey has been nothing short of remarkable in cultivating a culture centered on teamwork and overcoming challenges together. With constant collaboration, communication, and virtual team-building activities, we are lucky to enjoy a work experience that engages, appreciates, provides purpose, and where individuals can feel supported, both personally and professionally.


"There’s a culture of knowledge sharing and an excitement to learn. One of my favorite things is there's always someone ready to lend a hand. I feel close to the team even working remotely. We have opportunities to work together in a shared space, and volunteer events to connect face-to-face. It's one of the reasons I chose to join Traction Rec."

Laislla excels as a Product Developer with proficiency in both back-end and front-end development. With a sharp focus on Salesforce, she expertly tackles a wide array of challenges, approaching each with enthusiasm and skill.


This supportive atmosphere hasn't just brought us closer at work; it's also sparked friendships that go beyond our jobs. And that’s gosh darn something we’re proud of too.

Interested in making a meaningful impact, one laugh and connection at a time? Learn more about our opportunities to join the team.

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