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Dreamforce is a global reunion for the Salesforce community of customers, partners, and employees. Get inspired and get connected from anywhere.

FOMO – No Mo – On one hand, I’m bummed Dreamforce 2021 (September 21 - 23) is online again this year (I sure could have used a new backpack and water bottle from the swag bag). On the other hand, it’s an amazing way for all Salesforce Users to attend this event, truly grasp the size of the Community, and learn about the potential of the platform. Let me share what I learned from last year’s online event (thanks, pandemic) and how to make the best of the virtual experience this year.

What is all the hubbub about, anyway?

For those of us in the Traction Rec community who haven’t attended a Dreamforce before you might be wondering, what is the hubbub all about? Well, all I can say is Dreamforce is an incredible gathering in the heart of San Francisco of talented, passionate, and forward-thinking innovators ( >100,000 - yup! you read that right) from everywhere and every type all working together to make the world better.

This year’s Dreamforce theme - “Delivering Unique Experiences to Drive Impact” is the “why we do what we do” in our organizations. We have learned many lessons in the last few years and by far one of the biggest is what our communities create for our members and participants and the importance of connection. This is a great opportunity to take those lessons to the next level and beyond.

I know there will be some things we’ll miss: purchasing an overpriced touristy sweatshirt (maybe that’s a good thing), the fancy cocktails, tasty nibbles and seeing friendly Tractionites in person. However, we won’t let a virtual format stop us from being part of the growing community of nonprofit thought leaders and knowledge sharing events.

Why this year’s Dreamforce will be even greater

Dreamforce is a truly unique experience and this year’s virtual format offers the opportunity for nonprofits to send all Salesforce Users (not just Admins) to a world-class conference FOR FREE!  Take advantage of the vast access to peer groups and nonprofit thought leaders.

This is a chance to inspire your entire staff on how technology is more than a tool to sign members up and register for classes, but a way to adapt and improve ourselves and change our organizations.
How to make the best Dreamforce experience for your team

Start by inviting all Salesforce Users to register on the official event website for Dreamforce 2021 and share these tips and tricks (especially first-timers) on navigating the virtual conference space.

Commit to Sessions
  • Invite all Salesforce users in your organization – it’s free, so why not?
  • Add sessions and block the time on your calendar. Let your team (and boss know) you are attending the event, and you will have to deliver their report/dashboard request later.

Check out a few of these nonprofit episodes:

Watch Keynotes and Pick a Channel
  • Not a lot of time to commit. Watch the big stuff – it’s always inspiring!
  • Pick a Channel – There are 4 Channels: Prime Time, Customer 360, Industry and Trailblazers. Keep the channels on during the day – no one will notice.
  • Try Something New
  • Great opportunity to join a session you wouldn’t normally attend
  • Look for topics with Breakout and Working Sessions
  • On Demand Sessions are great to see pre-recorded topics at your convenience
  • Check out cool episodes like this one: Innovation and Drawing Session with Disney’s StudioLAB (Day 2 - 2:30pm)
Find, Create, and Join User Groups
  • Subscribe to Traction on Demand’s Dreamforce Distilled Experience
  • Create a brainstorm group at your organization. Some of the best and newest ideas come from the most surprising users.
  • Happy Hours and Networking
  • Have Fun
  • Create a watch party at your organization and invite all your Salesforce Users
  • Check out Sponsors
  • Create a specialty beverage or snack (did you by chance see Snoop Dog and Martha last year?)

Until we can meet again (in person) and feel the tremendous energy generated by the Salesforce Community and Dreamforce, our peers, and our new friends, we can at least meet in the cloud for free this year.

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