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It’s one thing to collect customer or member data. It’s quite another to act on it. Einstein Prediction Builder might be the best decision for your organization yet.

It's not difficult to admit we're living in an age where data is as valuable as gold. The difference between merely collecting customer or member data and actively leveraging it can redefine an organization's trajectory. “Imagine you’re sailing without a point of destination,” says Aldo Jiménez, Einstein and Analytics Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce. “You’re just kind of drifting. Yes, you’re operational but you need to have a target or goal.” It's a vivid illustration of aimlessness that no ambitious nonprofit, YMCA, or community center can afford.

In this environment, the strategic use of CRM technology, AI, and predictive analytics becomes a tool with increasing advantages. Letting the currents take you wherever is not an option for any organization. That’s where Salesforce's Einstein Prediction Builder comes in.

The power of Einstein Prediction Builder

Einstein Prediction Builder, an enabled Salesforce feature, leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze data, identify patterns, and forecast future outcomes. For YMCAs and nonprofit organizations using Traction Rec, this means gaining the ability to uncover insights about their members. With access to real-time analytics, they can make informed, strategic decisions to drive their organizations forward.

The predictions created by Einstein will help you anticipate future scenarios and allow you to focus your team’s efforts where they will have the greatest impact on your organization.
What sets Einstein apart from other AI tools

Einstein Prediction Builder is an integrated feature that makes it more accessible and convenient to use, without the need for additional software or resources. While the platform provides 'out-of-the-box' functionality, its intuitive interface of using clicks rather than code, makes generating predictions swift without requiring coding expertise or advanced technical skills.

According to Aldo, Einstein Prediction Builder was created to be used by anyone. In fact, he says, “The best person to create a prediction is not a data scientist but someone who knows the data and day-to-day operations of the business.” The true power of this tool lies in grasping the intricacies of your members, operations, and letting the patterns of your data emerge.

Trust, transparency, and data together

Trust and transparency form the core of Einstein Prediction Builder and was created with this in mind, says Aldo. “We don’t want to have a black box of predictive models,” he explains. “You don’t want to end up with a prediction without knowing how it came about.” With some other AI toolsets, the reasoning behind predictions can remain obscure. “Let’s take recommendations from Netflix or Amazon as an example,” he continues. “Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re erratic. We don’t know what’s behind the prediction and whether it’s a good or bad model.”

The Einstein Trust Layer ensures the privacy and security of your data, guaranteeing it remains within your database without compromising confidentiality. The AI tool provides transparency into the algorithms at work, the significant variables and predictors considered. It's kind of like having a crystal ball, but with a clear view of the inner workings.

The best person to create a prediction is not a data scientist but someone who knows the data and day-to-day operations of the business.
If you could predict the future of member engagement, what would you do? 

With the advantage of Salesforce, having all of your member and organization data centralized onto a single platform, Einstein Prediction Builder presents a golden opportunity for YMCAs and nonprofit community centers to fully leverage this valuable information.

One of its most compelling applications is in predicting membership churn, which is the likelihood a member may not renew their annual membership. With Prediction Builder, you'll not only discover the accounts that have a high likelihood to cancel, but you’ll also know the top predictors of why they’re likely to cancel.

With predictability, comes opportunity to make impactful interventions

Put a member on an email marketing journey to learn more about program offerings, send a promo discount code as incentive to register for a class, or schedule a phone call to personally invite them to a special event. These are all actions you can take, as a result from your own data, that can produce significant impact on the behaviors of members.

Einstein Prediction Builder gives organizations the insight to optimize operations in many areas. Beyond predicting membership churn, there's much more you can forecast for your organization:

  • Forecasting lead conversion rates.
  • Estimating the likelihood of a member registering for a particular program.
  • Assessing childcare attendance by predicting the number of children at each site to ensure proper staffing.
  • Determining which types of program engagement are most likely to lead to donations.

Data that's easy to read: The Einstein Prediction Builder scorecard
Making data actionable: The Einstein Prediction Builder Scorecard

One of the tool's most practical features is the Einstein Prediction Builder scorecard. It's a feature that transforms complex data sets into easy-to-interpret insights, and rates the level of how accurate your prediction is. This snapshot provides you with an immediate understanding of:

  • Your data quality, and if you have enough data points to make a prediction.
  • The top predictors of specific outcomes.
  • Which values have the highest impact, such as facility visits, or number of program registrations in the last 3 months.
Data that's easy to interpret: Reports and dashboards

It’s hard not to talk about data and Salesforce without mentioning key elements of reports and dashboards. Viewing prediction results in reports, real-time dashboards, and even in individual member records, means you can examine risks and challenges at the most granular level.

Despite its advanced capabilities, Einstein Prediction Builder is designed for ease of use. Most users can create a prediction in under an hour, thanks to its guided assistance. The process involves identifying the business challenge, defining what to predict, selecting the datasets for analysis, and activating the prediction to see the results. For a complete step-by-step guide on the prediction lifecycle read How To Turn Your Idea Into a Prediction.

It's time to start looking ahead

Using Einstein Prediction Builder will transform your data experience. No longer lost in a sea of historical information, you can now chart the course towards predictive insights for the future. This purposeful approach means your YMCA or nonprofit organization can navigate through challenges and mitigate risks effectively. Without it, your organization risks drifting instead of shifting gears towards progress and creating opportunities for greater impact.

Looking for more insight? Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you get a head start on predictive formulas to set you up for the future of your organization.

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