5 reasons why YMCAs choose Traction Rec

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We truly understand what it's like to be a purpose-driven organization. Because we are one.

Experience the difference with Traction Rec, where purpose-driven organizations like yours discover more than just a member and program management system – they find a profound commitment to community enhancement. Here are some of the compelling reasons why leading YMCAs choose Traction Rec:

#1. We’re built on the best technology there is. Period.

Traction Rec is more than built on; it's supported by Salesforce, the global CRM platform leader with a core value of customer-led innovation. Our team shares this profound commitment to innovation, allocating one third of our revenue to continually enhance our product with cutting-edge features and solutions. With an engaged community exceeding 15,000 users, our approach is not merely serving customers but partnering with them to magnify positive impacts on staff, members, operations, and entire communities.

This isn't merely a solution for organizations to adopt; YMCA's are embracing a dynamic tool that adapts to their needs today, and is flexible to scale, customize, and evolve with their YMCA tomorrow - it's technology that you never grow out of. It’s here to stay and so are we.  Read about our commitment to the Salesforce ecosystem.

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#2. It’s cost-effective (for YMCAs of all sizes)

YMCAs can afford and access this technology thanks to Salesforce’s free and deeply discounted subscriptions for nonprofits. That’s pretty good for a solution that can save you hundreds of thousands in operating costs annually.

In partnership with YMCA of the USA, we've also introduced Y-CRM, a compact, all-in-one solution perfectly affordable for your YMCA. Tailored specifically for small to medium-sized YMCAs, Y-CRM provides essential functionality while enabling you to leverage the value of Salesforce, all without stretching your budget.  

Alongside Traction Rec, you can expect flexible renewal terms with no surprise price increases, and a commitment to tailoring a solution that aligns with the unique needs of your YMCA, regardless of size – whether it's a small, mid-size, or large association. Join YMCAs like those in Memphis & The Mid-South, Delaware, Pierce and Kitsap Counties, San Diego, and Denver who have already experienced the benefits.

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#3. We’re easy to work with

We’re great listeners, and we make a point of engaging on the regular to build genuine and lasting relationships, to develop our product, and some of the time, just to see how you’re doin’. Enter our Engagement Team, your companion throughout the entire customer journey, committed to advancing your success within the system and your broader community.

On top of that, our Customer Success Advocates, the team that embodies its title with purpose, ready when you need support. We continue to invest in and elevate our customer service, and is reflected by our CSAT score reaching 4.8 out of 5. Learn about how they define success and get to know a few of them.


When exploring new systems, 8 out of 10 YMCAs opt for Traction Rec.


#4. We are known for putting people first

We prioritize it, and we’re proud of it. At our core, we are about community, authenticity, impact, growth, and yup, having a little fun too. Our focus is on making a meaningful difference where it counts among people, causes, and communities. As a proud Pledge 1% company, we wholeheartedly commit to fostering positive change and uphold core values centered on social responsibility and community engagement.

Our values align with our customer’s values, and that means we show up each day committed to supporting the delivery of your mission and impact in every way we can. This is how we show up.

#5. Comprehensive child care programming and enrollment management

In navigating the complexities of programming and membership management, we recognize the escalating demands for child care programming, a priority for numerous organizations, that bring additional intricacies in operations management.

Whether it's managing 800 enrollments in a day, 6000+ enrollments in a week, automated waitlists and secure check-in/out authorization, Traction Rec is equipped to meet today’s child care programming complexities with the need-to-have capabilities. Explore how Memphis and the Mid-South transitioned to a 100% digital process with user-friendly self-service, resulting in remarkable outcomes achieved in record time.

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Keen to explore how you can make a bigger impact?

Let's collaborate in building purposeful communities together. Discover the features designed to support you and your mission, and learn more about the difference Traction Rec can make.

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