5 Reasons why YMCAs Choose Traction Rec

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We truly understand what it's like to be a purpose-driven organization. Because we are one.

Traction Rec is more than just a member and program management system for YMCAs. Our product, and our people, are about improving the way you engage with your community, and each other. This is how we do it. Here are the top five reasons YMCAs choose Traction Rec.

#1. We’re built on the best technology there is. Period.

Traction Rec is built on and backed by Salesforce, the leading CRM platform, hands down. What we're able to do with it now impacts customers, organizations and whole communities like it never has before. It’s a solution ready for your YMCA today, and an opportunity to be scalable, stackable, customizable for your YMCA of tomorrow. It’s here to stay and so are we.  Read about our commitment.

#2. It’s cost-effective (for Ys of all sizes)

YMCAs can afford and access this technology thanks to Salesforce’s free and deeply discounted subscriptions for nonprofits. That’s pretty good for a solution that can save you hundreds of thousands in operating costs annually. Alongside Traction Rec, you can expect flexible renewal terms with no surprise price increases. We’re here to tailor a solution based on what’s best for your Y, no matter the size. Learn more about access to discounts.

#3. We’re easy to work with

We’re great listeners, and we make a point of engaging on the regular to strengthen our partnerships, develop our product, and some of the time, just to see how you’re doin’. Our team members are called Customer Success Advocates for good reason. Learn about how they define success and get to know a few of them.

#4. We are known for putting people first

We prioritize it, and we’re proud of it. At our core, we are about community, authenticity, impact, growth, and yup, having a little fun too. Our values align with our customer’s values, and that means we show up each day committed to supporting the delivery of your mission and impact in every way we can. This is how we show up.

#5. Comprehensive childcare programming and enrollment management

From easy digital registration, to accessible self-service, from automated waitlists to secure check-in/out authorization, Traction Rec is equipped to meet today’s childcare programming complexities with the need-to-have capabilities. 800 enrolments in a day, 6000+ enrollments in a week, 100% digital? Yup! Here it is in action (read the success story).

If you're ready to make the move to a centralized and fully integrated platform like Traction Rec, let’s get building together! Check your calendar, and find a time to chat with us.

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