A recap of community, fun, and connection at 2023 YMCA General Assembly

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Traction Rec and Salesforce take on the 2023 General Assembly of the YMCAs in Atlanta, GA, with a national gathering of over 3,400 industry professionals, leaders, partners and program staff.

The pinnacle leadership experience for the YMCA community, the 2023 General Assembly of YMCAs welcomed a national gathering of over 3,400 YMCA professionals, industry leaders, board volunteers, industry partners, and program staff from July 20-23, 2023. As the proud host city and a valued customer of Traction Rec, the YMCA of Metropolitan Atlanta, in collaboration with YMCA of the USA and event organizers, orchestrated a memorable and impactful conference that surpassed all expectations.

The Traction Rec and Salesforce teams were fortunate to attend this year’s General Assembly Conference; seizing the opportunity to learn, engage, and connect with the inspiring group of individuals that make the YMCA Community so special. Leveraging a shared passion for health, wellness, impact, and, let’s be honest… having fun… we know that we have found the right people to continue to build meaningful partnerships with.

United and Inspired

Attending the conference was an inspiring experience, enriched by the sessions and thought leaders who left audiences with both profound impact, and new ideas to set into motion within their own communities.

Keynote speakers included Suzanne McCormick, YMCA of the USA President and CEO, alongside Dr. Bernice King, Kal Penn, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, discussing advocacy for social change, the importance of unity and community, youth empowerment, and social impact. The event also featured talks from influential YMCA leaders (and we’d like to think of as good friends of ours), such as Lauren Koontz of YMCA of Metropolitan Atlanta, Todd Tibbits of YMCA of San Diego County, and Kyle Cronk of South Sound YMCA; each sharing their unique experiences, enthusiasm, and determination to drive positive change.

What’s a celebration without a party (and great food)?

General Assembly proved to be the perfect platform for inviting friends, colleagues, customers, and partners to unwind and embrace the spirit of a week-long connection. It was at our hosted kickoff event that attendees mingled in the vibrant mid-town community of Atlanta, and throughout the week that the Traction Rec and Salesforce teams had the invaluable opportunity to network with both familiar faces and new acquaintances, forging meaningful connections in person. Laughter and positive energy filled the air, making it a fantastic and memorable week for everyone.

A special welcoming into the Traction Rec Family

The week also sparked a momentous occasion as it officially celebrated the welcoming of four YMCA Associations new to the Traction Rec family. Earlier this year, Y USA, Traction Rec, and Salesforce joined forces in a pioneering program aimed at introducing a modern, all-in-one CRM solution to YMCAs. This event marked the first time all four associations gathered in person, which are part of the current pilot program, signaling the beginning of a promising partnership expected to expand further in 2024. The sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the future was palpable as representatives from each association celebrated this remarkable collaboration.

As the conference progressed, the positive momentum generated by these gatherings continued to resonate, leaving an indelible mark on our team and associations alike.

Turning heads with some fun and flair

It’s likely safe to say that the Traction Rec and Salesforce teams did not go unnoticed at this conference with the donning of matching, vibrant, and eye-catching tracksuits (#SquadGoals). The distinct attire not only became a talking point and a conversation starter but, moreover, it vividly showcased how we show up together as a team, driven not just by our work but also by our embrace of fun, humor, and boundless enthusiasm.

Beyond their attention-grabbing appearance, the crew showcased their expertise on the exhibit floor, and warmly welcomed attendees with an inviting and informative space to chat. The genuine enthusiasm and passion we heard from individuals, for the YMCA community, and the work they do were evident in every interaction, left a positive and memorable impression on us.

Please excuse us while we go have a nap

2023 YMCA General Assembly was nothing short of extraordinary (and boy, was it a crazy long week!). The YMCA continuously demonstrates its commitment to building strong connections and celebrating the power of community.

As we look ahead, it's clear that Traction Rec's partnership with the YMCA community is thriving, and while we're a bit tired (okay, maybe a lot), we're thrilled to be alongside in its pursuit for a stronger, more vibrant future for YMCAs and the communities they serve. We eagerly await the next General Assembly, but for now, please excuse us while we go have a well-deserved nap.

And oh, let's not forget, we’re already planning the next round of upcoming events including the YMCA COO Conference this fall, and Annual NAYDO Conference on YMCA Philanthropy in Spring 2024. See you there!

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