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Support your members with solutions that are digital-first and community-obsessed. Explore the features built to support you and your mission. 

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Member features

Your members are everything. Deliver an exceptional experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Member management

Simplify your membership sales and validation processes for members, staff, and administrators. Easily support new member onboarding, sales, and card management.

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Program management

Empower members to manage their registrations from anywhere at any time. Gain insightful data to curate and plan your program catalog and build new programs for maximum impact.

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Child care and camps

Deliver an easy and intuitive digital child care experience for staff and parents from within the same system. Go paperless, increase parents’ ability to self-serve, and more.

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Finance features

Do more good with better money management. Streamline your billing and accounting practices to maximize on your mission.

Billing and payments

Simplify complex scenarios for your staff, including payment splitting, third party billing, payment arrangements and editing fees, and discounting models.

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Finance and accounting

See all of your financial data across every department from a completely integrated subledger. Easily review performance and growth for effective decision making.

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Deepen the member experience with flexible payment options. Offer a simple user interface, backed by a powerful processing system made to scale.

Business features

Build your community center on a strong foundation. Keep business running smoothly in the background so you can focus on what matters most.


Build strong relationships with supporters that naturally diversify and grow your fundraising income. Scale giving programs and simplify your grants process.

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Facility bookings

Maximize the value you get from every square inch of your facility. Implement auto-booking for programs, facilities, setup, equipment, and rentals—without the paperwork.

Marketing & engagement

Convert more prospects to members, and grow your community with automated and standardized marketing practices. Track results with real-time data and detailed reporting.

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Amplify the good you do.

Your tools are only as good as the benefits they deliver. Bend your technology to build closer communities. 

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Bring all teams into one system. Connect your membership, marketing, child care, IT teams, and more together to deliver outstanding experiences. 

Member 360° view

Give your staff a single, shared view of your customers. Better understand each member’s history, interests, and frustrations so you can tailor experiences to their needs.

Reports and dashboards

Act on real-time insights to make better decisions for your community center. Explore your data, generate reports, and visualize data to deliver on your mission.

Workflow automation

Give your staff access to pre-built automated actions and components that they can use again and again. Start with templates or quickly build your own.

Cross team collaboration

Share member data and profiles between teams. Always deliver the best experience possible and eliminate data entry duplication between member profiles.

Accessible on any device

Empower your members and staff to interact with your community center wherever they are. Provide access to your system on mobile, tablet, or desktop.


Never slow your pace. Bend technology to your needs with ultimate flexibility and integrations so you can keep your community moving forward at full speed.

Open APIs

Integrate custom apps, systems, data sources, and more into your system with our open APIs. We’ve never met an integration we didn’t like.

No code configuration

You don’t need a dedicated team of developers to customize Traction Rec. Any of your staff can create workflows or set up tools for your unique needs—no code required.

Predictive analytics

Forecast the future with detailed analytics. Predict the wants and needs of individual members, then share those insights across every team.

Future-proof technology

Remove barriers to growth. Unlock flexible solutions that enable efficiency and innovation at scale across every team at your community center.


Communities are built on trust. Take it to the next level with security that enhances transparency, compliance, and governance across your entire system.

Enterprise security

Protect your member data with SOC2 compliant tools designed to safely store sensitive, confidential, or proprietary data of your members and programs.

PCI compliant

Ensure that credit card information is captured, transmitted, and retained securely. Reduce the risk of hackers and fraud, and keep your member information secure.

Trusted Salesforce partner

Traction Rec is partnered with Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform. Deliver the most advanced and easy-to-use member management tools for your community center.


Technology you never grow out of.

Connect with any integration you need. Meet your unique needs with popular tools or custom integrations so you can focus on your members, not your processes.

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For operations



Document generation and e-signature solution.



Y-USA Nationwide Membership

Membership access to national YMCA facilities.




Mobile app for managing gym schedules and workouts.



Hall Pass

Visitor access control to keep schools and students safe.


For engagement



Form builder and survey tool.



Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Create and automate personalized customer experiences.




Text messaging for sales and customer teams.




Intelligent email automation and delivery.


For fundraising


Wealth Engine

Prospect research and donor wealth screening.



Soapbox Engage

Fundraising and payments solutions.



Sage Intacct

Financial management and accounting.




Fundraising and donor management solutions.


Your mission is our mission.

Strengthen your community
with technology.

For JCCs

Expand your engagement
with members.

Boys & Girl Clubs

Support the youth in your community.

For BGCs

Strengthen your community
with technology.

For JCCs

Expand your engagement with members.

Boys & Girl Clubs

Support the youth in your community.

For BGCs

Redefine your community's story.

We feel confident that this platform will grow with us because [Traction Rec] already knows what our needs are.
Jacky Noden
Sr. Director, Product, MyClubHub Boys & Girls Clubs of America

members engaged with the community


deployed their new CRM in 9 months

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We can't be reacting anymore. With [Traction Rec] we have the power to be creative, to build it out and automate things the way we want.
Jill Davidson
Director, Information Management Systems, Cleveland JCC

saved per month on average

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We’re able to project our numbers for next year to be higher than they’ve ever been at this association. Our team utilizing a great tool with Traction Rec has really been the key to our success.
Jeremy Long
VP of Membership, YMCA of Memphis and the Mid-South

conversion rate


every 60 days set as goal

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