Bigger impact for YMCAs on the smaller side.

Get the member management Y-CRM you need as a small-medium-sized YMCA. Focus on building your community, without stretching your budget.

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Build stronger communities with the support of Y-USA.

Y-USA, Traction Rec, and contributing YMCAs came together to build Y-CRM for you and your communities. Designed by YMCAs for YMCAs.

70% reduction
in new technology costs
2.5X faster
system migration than typical CRM platforms
Lifetime support
without the need to hire more staff

See How We Partner with Y-USA

See How We Partner with Y-USA

Y-CRM empowers even the smallest YMCAs to access the value of Salesforce.

Tom Gardner

Tom Gardner

Senior VP of IT and CIO, Y-USA YMCA

So much to do, such limited resources.

Manual admin tasks eat up time

Paper forms, manual tasks, and reporting is a time-consuming burden for your staff that can lead to errors and takes them away from your mission—an engaged community. 

Staff turnover is challenging

Maintaining cumbersome training materials eats up staff time and results in lengthy onboarding. These tasks keep staff behind desks instead of where they are needed most—serving members.

You need partners, not vendors

You’re left alone to drive your mission. Instead of offering support, other providers hit you with surprise increases and creeping costs that add up.


A compact, all-in-one solution perfectly affordable for your YMCA.

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Delight your members digitally first.

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Empower with self-service

Allow members to answer their questions, manage household information, and view payment history and due dates, without having to pick up a phone.

Reduce paperwork and lines

Enable members to register and make payments online and on mobile for programs and events, including those members participating in assistance programs.

Facilitate effortless arrivals

Provide automated, yet flexible entry access to all areas of your facility so members can easily get where they need to go. Alert staff to flagged members who need extra support.

What stuck out above the affordability was the custom reports that allow us to make data-driven decisions.

Brogan Potter

Brogan Potter

senior director of programs, wenatchee Valley ymca

Make your day-to-day about people, not admin.

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Simplify program management

Quickly organize and streamline program offerings. Eliminate manual work with the power of automation to save your team thousands of hours.

Understand members holistically

Get a 360 degree view of your members. Better understand how your members, participants, and donors engage with you, all in one place.

Get reliable performance reports

Automatically compile monthly and real-time performance reports from various sources. Cut out manual data hunting and get actionable insights faster.

It’s a 100% digital solution that brings our business lines together on one system.

Vanessa Providence

Vanessa Providence

Senior systems administrator Memphis & Mid South YMCA

Pick what you need from integrations we trust.

Choosing your technology stack can be overwhelming. We’ve curated a compact list of the best integrations we recommend for smaller YMCAs.

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Make raising money as simple as a friendly chat.

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Retain donors with the right tools

Stop getting bogged down in spreadsheets trying to figure out patterns in donor behavior. Analyze and suggest retention strategies automatically in Salesforce.

Track campaigns in real time

You’ve got multiple fundraising campaigns running but it’s hard to track performance metrics. See your campaign's impact in real-time, allowing for agile adjustments on the fly.

Put grant reporting on autopilot

Grant managers will spend days compiling data and creating reports for grantors. Simplify their workload with automatic data compilation and report generation.

Our fundraising process used to take up to 30 days. Now it takes an hour.

Emily Glading

Emily Glading

Senior Director of Information Systems, DELAware ymca

Fast track your new CRM journey.

Transitioning to Y-CRM is quick and efficient, designed specifically for smaller teams. With a cohort-based, shared learning process, you can go live in just 4 months. 

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6 weeks

Project planning

14 weeks

System configuration & setup training

2 weeks

Staff training

Go live

The best training and support.

Gamified learning

Discover Trailhead, Salesforce’s built-in gamified learning platform customized for the Y-CRM system, including training content designed for different roles within organizations.

Y-CRM resources

Get an online portal of resources, including quick-reference guides, continuous knowledge articles, and on-demand videos at your fingertips.

Super user network

Stay connected together to gain insight from peers and collaborate in real time on Slack. Extend your community and support one another.

Ongoing partnership

We’re not going anywhere after you go live. Live support calls, training sessions, reporting, and support are provided by Traction Rec and Y-USA.

Find what fits you best.

Y-CRM is built exclusively for Salesforce, just like our Core solution, but for smaller YMCAs. Get the functionality you need, without the frills.



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