What is UX/UI Design? And Why Does It Matter To Your Community?

Evaluating A CRM


In today’s world, a customer's experience interacting with your organization doesn’t start with walking into your facility, it starts online with a digital experience.

From booking their first class, making a payment or signing up for a membership, a customer's experience interacting with your organization doesn’t start with walking into your facility, it starts online with a digital experience. Your customers' experience and satisfaction are determined by the design and functionality of your CRM.

At Traction Rec, our CRM solution is the result of strategically designed processes devised from UX/UI methodologies with one thing in mind — a seamless experience for your community members. This methodology enables positive brand engagement, which in turn, fosters positive business results for your organization.

How UX/UI Can Benefit Your Organization?

Organizations like Uber, Nike, Slack, and Airbnb have recognized the significant return on investment from UX/UI and accredited it as a foundation for their business models. With consumers interacting with these digital products and services now more than ever, the stakes for quality interaction with your organization's tools and CRM have never been higher.

Here are three reasons how good UX/UI design can be utilized to improve your association or community center — from your consumers to your employees, a good UX/UI team should innovate your brand to drive results in and out of its digital space.

1. Attract Users, Increase Conversion

Build trust at every opportunity, because first impressions matter. When a new user visits your website or mobile app, their experience within the first few seconds will prompt them to keep browsing or cause them to exit. If users rate their experience as easy, intuitive, or valuable, they are more likely to interact with your organization. An exceptional digital platform can help your community center out on the internet, allowing for a positive shift in organic conversions, like signing up for a membership or registering for a program.

2. Increase Productivity

Well designed workflows that are easy, intuitive, and seamlessly interact with your CRM have the potential to eliminate confusion, frustration, and wasted time. Traction Rec’s Lead UX/UI Designer, adds:

Our research allows us to increase work efficiency by understanding how our clients use our product and tuning each area to be as easy and intuitive as possible.

For members, this could mean self-service functionality and completing transactions by supplying their information only once, no matter how many fitness classes, camps, and programs they register for throughout the year (what a time saver!). For staff, automations for managing customer information, and workflows to process business operations can save time, money and sometimes a lot of frustration.

First, through interviews, we pinpoint what features are used the most and what frictions users may still be having. Then, through our testing and design cycles, we fine-tune each interaction and automate as many features as possible to increase their productivity.

Creating a single source of truth, where anyone can access all information at any time, will allow your employees to focus on what really matters—your community members.

3. Boost Branding and Customization

Look good, feel good! Want to gain more recognition for your community center? Good UI can help by building authenticity, familiarity, and credibility. Elements like imagery, logos, colors, icons, and buttons are vital in brand marketing and market visibility across all of your digital channels. When users navigate through the portals of your online space it’s important that they don’t feel like they’re leaving one site and going to another, thus producing a smooth and seamless experience.

Where Traction Rec and Community Centers Innovate Together

Our client's success is at the heart of why we created Traction Rec. Our product and UX/UI teams continually research, test, and develop solutions to improve how you and your community members engage with each other.

We aim to make Traction Rec as easy and intuitive as possible, to benefit each of your community members, so that you can continue doing your amazing work! We invite you to innovate alongside us and connect with us to learn more.

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